Specializing in high purity chemical grade dolomite products for a wide variety of industries.

For over forty years, the Mill Creek plant has been supplying customers in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Arkansas. We ship in bulk by truck and rail from our plant in Mill Creek, Oklahoma.

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Mill Creek Dolomite is part of Inter-Rock Minerals which also owns and operates MIN-AD, Inc. (www.min-ad.com), a specialty dolomite business in northern Nevada.

Dolomite Products

Our versatile dolomite products by industry and usage.

Glass & Glass Fiber

Glass-grade dolomite for increased durability and enduring luster

Mill Creek supplies the glass industry with a line of uniform composition, ultra high purity, and low decrepitation glass grade products. Our glass grade dolomite is a high purity source of calcium and magnesium oxides for float glass, container glass, tableware flint, and glass fibers.

The dolomite acts as a fluxing agent to assist melting and adjust the melt viscosity. Additionally, it imparts increased durability and strength, reduces devitrification, and provides a more enduring luster.

Roofing Shingles & Materials

Filler-grade dolomite for asphalt/bitumen-based materials.

Mill Creek’s filler grade dolomite is a low silica crystalline mineral with uniform particle size distribution and consistent chemical composition. The high bulk density and sub-angular shapes provide a cost-effective structural function in asphaltic and bituminous based materials by increasing loading rates.

We also produce a finely ground low silica product suitable as shingle backing material.


Improve soil quality with agricultural-grade dolomite

Mill Creek’s agricultural grade dolomite (Aglime) is a high purity source of calcium and magnesium carbonate for soil building, acidic soil neutralization and fertilizer amendment.

Aglime improves the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil. For most crops, the optimum soil pH for maximum plant growth and fertilizer efficiency is in the range 6.0 – 7.0. Liming soils to this range can dramatically increase crop and forage yields and also improve the performance of certain herbicides.

Aglime is also a cost effective, direct source of Ca and Mg. These minerals are essential in plant cell wall formation and chlorophyll production.

Oil & Gas Drilling

Dolomite for remediation and maintenance

Mill Creek produces a finely ground dolomite suitable for lining reserve pits, neutralizing drilling muds, and general drill site remediation.

Metallurgical Applications

Chemical and metallurgical grade dolomite

Mill Creek’s chemical and metallurgical grade dolomite is a high purity source of calcium and magnesium for primary metal smelting and sintering and industrial batch formulation.

As a fluxstone, the chemical and metallurgical grades improve refining efficiency in iron smelting, small-scale cupola fluxing, and non ferrous sintering. This low silica dolomite is also an excellent loose refractory for bank doors and hearth bottoms. As a magnesium source, Mill Creek’s products are an effective magnesia and magnesite substitute in ceramic frit and ceramic wares manufacture and process batching.


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